April 30, 2010

Spring pics 2010

I love that the kids get fall and spring pictures at school, otherwise I don't think I would notice how much they grow in just a few months

April 24, 2010

Tulip Festival

I had spring fever way bad this year, what better way to fuel the fever than Thanksgiving points Tulip Festival! The lady working there said that the gardener plant 250,000 tulips every spring, and whats crazier than that is they take out all 250,000 after the festival is over!

The kids had a good time (except that we wouldn't let them roll down the big hill and get muddy) and we took some cute pics. Can't wait until we can see the gardens in full bloom.

April 6, 2010

Easter in Las Vegas

WARNING! long post : )

We decided to visit Las Vegas again for Easter, so glad we did.
This year we stayed at the Circus circus Hotel. Fun for kids, good price for rooms, but I would not recommend staying there. It was like sleeping on plywood. At least the kids had fun.

After we got the room set up we took the kids to the forum to check out the aquarium and statues. They were a little freaked out when the statues started moving, but they still thought it was cool.

The next morning we took the kids to the Secret Garden at the Mirage. Destiny loved the dolphins, and Dylan just loved taking pictures.

We tried to go swimming but they had to close the pool because of high winds : (

The kids got to go on one ride at the Adventure dome. They chose this roller coaster called the canyon blaster. I went in the seat behind them just because Destiny was nervous. As soon as the ride took off Dylan put his head down so far I couldn't see him anymore. And Destiny started screaming for mom. I admit I'm not much of a "ride" person anymore but it wasn't that bad. I wish we had gotten some pics of them after the ride, Destiny was crying and Dylan was jumping up and down with excitement.

Then the kids got to go to the carnival and play some games. I have to say Dylan really rocks at Carnival games. They even got to watch this awesome juggler preform. What a jam packed day!

The next morning we were able to have breakfast with My Friend Kiley and her Daughter Hadley. It was good too see her again. So glad we were able to catch up, it's been too long and Destiny loved teasing Hadley.

We got a late start back home and I must say if we would have known there was a state wide winter storm warning in Utah, we would have stayed another day. 30 minutes into Utah it started snowing and it didn't stop! Made for a very long ride home with speeds reaching a terrifying 40mph.

We got home around 11:30pm but the Easter bunny had made a stop at our house while we were away. After some persuasion we sent the kids to bed with the promise that they could hunt for eggs in the morning before school.

The kids are already planning their trip for next year!

April 1, 2010

Spring Snowman!

With the snow that fell yesterday ( all day yesterday.) And the relatively warm temps today, the kids were dying to make a snow man. Luckily Jennsen is old enough now she can join in the fun!